"UNDERESTIMATED" Fall Collection

In the near future, it will be normalized for women to work in blue-collar professions and have male-dominated hobbies.

The future will bring great change.

More parents will show less resistance and even encourage young women in their lives to pursue "tomboy” type activities.

How you ask?

By interjecting first-hand perspectives and ideas that showcase what’s possible for women who live the Miss Manual lifestyle.

It's okay to embrace your sexuality one moment & get greasy the next.

There isn’t one mold that fits all anymore.

Thousands of podcast episodes into the future, millions of women will continue to shatter these stereotypes.

They will have access to all sorts of possibilities in careers that weren’t even conceivable 100 years ago.

And the small percentage of women that have little support will have Miss Manual to fall back on, fueling their fire for years to come.

The future isn't "female"

The Future is "Miss Manual