About Miss Manual

Miss Manual discovered that the internet lacked the showing of the true authentic process & journey as a female in the Automotive & Motorsport Industry. Social media platforms like Instagram showcases a lot of "sexuality" & perceived "perfection" as a female. The problem with that is its a limiting perspective to what a woman is capable of & actually goes through. 

We realize how new the internet is & so we have made it an obligation on our end to let the generations now & to come know the real process of what it takes to be a female in the industry.  

Miss Manual doesn't represent perfection  It represents authenticity.

As time moves forward in 2019 & years to come we are dedicated to being the beacon that the world comes to for Three main keys. 




Whether you're a female looking to get into the industry & need direction or simply someone that is interested in learning about the stories were uncovering with our podcast of these bad-ass ladies.

You'll know "Miss Manual!"  

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