Miss Manual Podcast

The Miss Manual Podcast is home to viewing a females perspective in the Automotive & Motorsport Industry. The 1st of its kind where we have a growing arsenal of over 70 diverse perspectives of hard working, talented, & confident women in the industry.    https://linktr.ee/missmanual

The Automotive, Blue Collar, & Motorsport Industries are Dominated by males. 

For every 10 males there Is 1 female found  among-st these industries , Miss Manual has found through the internet a lot of females feel alone & misunderstood on there journey. We are filling the gap by giving the current Welders, Pro drifters, Mechanics & many more a platform to connect & relate. 

The 1st episode aired May 17th 2018 & at the start of 2019 the momentum has really taken off. The goal for January 2019 was simply 1,000 listeners & we surpassed to over 3100 listeners & the numbers have climbed ever since. 

In 2019 we have the intentions to reach 1 MILLION listeners where the world knows "Miss Manual."  Females from generations to come will have the Miss Manual brand & podcast to guide them on there journey as a female in the industry. 


Tune In https://linktr.ee/missmanual



 Tune In https://linktr.ee/missmanual